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[trx_title align=”center” top=”huge” bottom=”null”]CEPIC Curriculum


The Cepic participates in the project called SPIRIT and funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme in the SECURITY-FCT (Fight against Crime and Terrorism) Area as a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) for the purpose of combating crime and Terrorism.

SPIRIT consists of 17 partners from 9 countries and includes police forces, universities and businesses.

The aim of SPIRIT is to develop a methodology, with relevant software to assist police investigators in resolving multiple identities used for criminal and terrorist purposes through the initiation of complex research on All types of source data so as to advance investigations by proposing clues and cues through a process of Collaborative reasoning.

The Cepic is engaged in educational, formative, research and design activities, in the field of psychology, criminology, juridical psychology, security, criminal sociology, sociology of Deviance, criminalistics, psychology Investigative, criminal anthropology, forensic psychopathology, forensic psychiatry, social psychology, psychotherapy, sexology, graphology, sexual psychopathology, deviance psychology, science of investigation. It also offers support and counseling in the psychological, formative, investigative and forensic fields.

In recent years, given the multiple commitments of members, involved in the design of several European calls, we have chosen to create training modules on behalf of other structures (as in the case of course 2016 on psychopathy for the Order of lawyers of Grosseto or Of the module created for the municipality of Rome on the subject of equal opportunities) or to offer the competence of the members as professors and lecturers.

An e-learning platform is currently in preparation which will be active for the end of 2019 with the relative programming for distance learning.

Courses on: “Disability and Sexuality” – “Relational and deviance pathologies”-“emergency psychology and Trauma intervention”

The president of Cepic is committed as a lecturer, on behalf of Laborform Training & Health (ECM provider), in bringing in several Italian cities (Rome, Genoa, Bologna, Sassari, Avezzano, Campobasso, Ancona, Cagliari, Bari), several theoretical courses Practical 8 hours, addressed to psychologists, physicians, neuromotricists, educators, nurses, physiotherapists and practitioners.