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Well-being passes through the body but also for the soul, because in the same way as the body, it too must be pampered, educated, trained to work better.


If you choose to change your life for the better by ending a suffering, to a thought that disturbs you to a behavior that, as far as you try to change, does not mute.

If you want to find a definitive solution to the problems or overcome the difficulties that move you away from others or from the world, you can start by taking this little opportunity that in time will turn into something unique: living in a full and Satisfactory.



Some periods of life appear to us particularly difficult to manage and arouse anxiety, devaluation, stress, decision-making difficulties and misunderstanding with those who love us.studiopsicologia1 Often are small events that are part of the cycle of life (change home, work, marry, have a child, graduate, enter menopause), other times are painful circumstances (separation, mourning, loss of work).

Underestimating these alarm bells means living with a state of uneasiness that ends up influencing everyday life and inducing more complex psychological discomfort.

Confronting a psychologist does not mean, as you mistakenly think, being crazy, it means being wise and taking care of yourself, making sure that the crisis that we are experiencing becomes a transitional period or, even better, an opportunity for knowledge and Reinforcement from which to come out stronger and more serene.

To take better care of you, the Cepic, through short psychological counseling, offers you the opportunity to undertake what Proust calls: “A true journey to discover yourselves, which is not to seek new lands but to have new eyes”.

The interviews with the psychologist will be focused on the “present”, to understand why and not why a problem exists.

From time to time we will define the most suitable strategies for achieving the agreed objectives.

At a later stage, if the person so needs, a new round of meetings with agreed objectives can be proposed, aimed at solving the discomfort and creating a

New functional balance to a better quality of life.


The short strategic consultancy is an increasingly widespread approach, in Italy and in America, for its characteristics of effectiveness and rapidity of resolution.

It consists of a range of interventions in which therapist and patient work actively to influence behavior in order to achieve objectives or solve particular problems. This is through the dialogue and assignment of tasks that the patient will perform outside the sitting.

The short Strategic Approach is based on the principle of learning by doing.

It is an active and engaging work in which the patient is the protagonist of his own change.

Concrete intervention techniques and strategies will allow you to experiment with new points of view, modifying the lenses with which you “observe” the world and, consequently, the problem.

Changing perspective changes the reality that surrounds us, offers new solutions and increases our flexibility.


To get sick is not only our soul, but also our ideas, that when they are wrong they hinder and complicate our life by making it unhappy.

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