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December 2011

Scientific advances in forensic matters have led to the figure of the criminalist and the expert track research, to gaining an increasingly significant and at the same time sensitive weight in the field of the investigation.

A proper reading of the scene.


-Definition and analysis of the crime scene

-From the Morettian and Gestalt theories to the direct analysis of the crime scene of cases of national importance

-Creativity at the scene of the crime: when reality exceeds fantasy.

-Case analysis. Among the various cases treated; The Meredith Kercher murder, the Gang of Magliana

-Elements of forensic medicine at the scene of the crime

-Case Analysis

-Visit to a scientific laboratory

20 Training Hours


Teacher Card:

Crime Scene Section: Scientific Police experts – ERT Section-Track research experts

Legal Medicine Section: (to be confirmed) Ph.D. Chief physician of the state Police provincial health Office of the Questura of Rome section of forensic medicine specialist in forensic medicine. Doctor of Research in forensic biological sciences.


Cost Course €350.00


Registration reduction by 30 September €2011 300.00


Reservation required. Places available 25

Phone: 349-8367812
Sede operativa: via Accademia Peloritana 29 - Roma
00173 Roma